Techno Bolts Industries
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About Us

Techno Bolts Industries L.L.C is one the major manufacturer company of bolting in the Middle East, housed its manufacturing facility in the UAE, driven from the experience of its stockholders in the production of bolts in particular and fasteners in general. The Company’s objective is to offer an inbound logistic service for its clients, both on the National and International markets. The service provided is oriented towards inbound cost minimization where purchases represent a critical success factor. With our excellence and diligence, we have carved a niche for ourselves as a U bolt manufacturer in UAE.

We believe that managing many suppliers is often anti-economical, whereas the same services can be provided by few well-organized entities. Throughout agreements and adequate information on material requirements, it is possible to realize scheduled deliveries that help our customers avoid process interruptions. In fact the costs related to missing articles, even if insignificant taken individually, can lead to spiraling costs. Information plays a key role in the delivery scheduling and timing, as well as for the quality and pricing.