Techno Bolts Industries
ISO Certificate

Fasteners manufacturers in Oman

Techno Bolts Industries L.L.C is a Fasteners manufacturers in Oman, which ensures that all of its fasteners are of great quality, thus each one, whether it's bolts, nuts, screws, washers, rings, or threaded rods, is put through a series of quality checks. These quality tests ensure that the client receives only high-quality fasteners that have been thoroughly tested and passed with a perfect score.

A bolted joint is made up of bolts. Bolts are tightened using nuts. To avoid dents or blemishes, washers are utilised to evenly distribute the pressure of the bolts or screws. Techno Bolts Industries L.L.C manufactures corrosion-resistant Bolts, Hooks, Nuts, Gaskets, Seals, Threaded Tubes, and other Fasteners in Oman. Techno Bolts Industries L.L.C also sells a variety of high-quality Bolts, Screws, Nuts, Washers, Rings, Threaded Rods, and other Fasteners to a variety of countries.

All of Bolt's fasteners meet World Quality Standards (IQS) and may be used without issue anywhere on the planet. We are the leading supplier of bolts, nuts, screws, washers, and other hardware in major Oman cities, as well as rivet guns. We have developed sales offices and warehouse facilities in key Indian metro areas in response to increased sales and demand for fasteners. Our sales offices are now located in over 15 Oman states and over 30 Oman cities. We also ship our fasteners to cities in Oman that aren't listed.

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